about Liza

I’m a writer of a number of things including arts journalism, plays, theatre reviews, short stories… 

I am also a sometime artist/illustrator and work in a few different painting styles, being reluctant to  specialise, which goes against all the rules for success, not having a niche; I used to give myself a hard time about it but no longer. It was many years before I gave myself the go-ahead to actually be an artist. It was a sad thing indeed, wanting to create art for all that time but not being able to make a start on a painting, let alone see a project through to completion. Now I’m an artist. Well, some of the time. Part of the journey to being able to confidently call myself an Artist with a capital A involves  self-development and formal training but these days I can make a painting even though I may not feel inspired or have any idea of what I want to do.  Being far too impatient to spend hours sketching or planning a painting, I’ve developed a process over the years which means the blank canvas is now a friend. 

I work mostly with traditional media, including mixed media and collage, although I’m  enjoying my adventures with digital and 3D work. I also love portraiture and regularly find myself staring at people, entranced by interesting, ‘lived in,’ or weirdly beautiful faces. I always notice what people are wearing and wonder about the ‘self’ they are  expressing.  Putting this into pictures is a great joy;  it’s one of the things that gets me out of bed each morning. Inspirations come from batik designs, Polynesian imagery, undersea creatures, Haida tattoo designs, folk art and textiles, Japanese design plus all sorts of stuff from EVERYWHERE.


3 thoughts on “about Liza

  1. Since art is the expression of beauty and beauty can be understood only in the form of the material elements of the true idea it contains, art has become almost uniquely feminine. Beauty is woman, and also art is woman. Yes or no?

    1. No, sadly, as art can also be the expression of ugliness, despair, evil, falsehood and so and ad infinitum; whatever the artists wants, or it can be expression of anything or nothing at all; expression for its own sake, as it were. Expression of expression, even! Nice thought, though. Glad to be the inspiration!!!

  2. I loathe text enhance pop-ups and they have put themselves on my blog without permission. Will do my best to get rid of them. In the meantime, I offer apologies.

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