my first solo show

Hello all – have booked my first solo art show to open on November 24th, at The Dirty Little Gallery on Victoria St in Brunswick!  The works are a series of about 20 fashion illustrations of shoes – with a difference, combining two of my great passions (one of them being shoes!).

If you’re in Melbourne then go and see Happy Ending at the MTC.  It’s a hilaaaaarious play by Melissa Reeves. I’m to write a review for it (once I remember who I am reviewing it for. Media whore – who, me?). It will be a gushing review. Someone once said to me ‘I like your reviews cos they’re so generous’ and I spent half a day wondering whether I was permanently fulsome in my responses and too easily impressed. But then I remembered some of the less positive reviews I’d penned for people. All I can say is, I’ve had a play skewered on the end of a crap review and it’s pointy and hurtful but I never put a work down just in order to be vicious.

Also is going to be covering some of the visual artist at the Melbourne Festival. We are to submit our wish-lists to the nice publicists and they will let us talk to some wonderful and fascinating folk! Can’t wait  – will report back here and keep you updated.

My interview with the ‘fat controller’ (Ken Fehily) at the Melbourne Art Fair is up on You Tube and with any luck the rest will be soon, too.

Other things I am working on include an illustrated book about conscious listening (sounds serious but I will make it funny) and a set of fashion illustration cards.  You’ll be hearing from me.



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